Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So obviously I bought Twilight. I decided to let the kids watch it. I didn't think that it would even peak their interest, but I think they've watched it more times than me since I bought it. Apparently Edward appeals to women of all ages, my 6 year old daughter just loves the movie. I can't blame her, who could. Dennis said the funniest thing when I was watching some of the special features. Rob Pattinson was being interviewed or something, so this is what Dennis said when hearing Rob, "That guy has an accent too! I wouldn't stand a chance in a room with him!" That made me laugh, I love you Dennis!!


  1. Young or old...that Edward gets them all!

  2. YEAH! Im glad youve joined the blogging world :) And i cant even count on my hands and feet how many times ive watched and read twilight. We are nerds.